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HTTA April 11 2015 Tournament results

Khoa Le  | Published on Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Doubles U-4400:
1st place: Laura Huang/Anthony Bui
2nd place: Hector Benett/Sina Alzallahi
B Division:
1st place: Zhang Xhiang
2nd place Anthoni Bui
3rd place Laura Huang
C Division:
1st place: Jenna Cui
2nd Place: Don Nguyen
3rd place: Linda Shu
1st place Jim Butler
2nd place Victor Subonj
3rd place Sina Alzallahi
4th place Dino Byles
1st place Steven Nguyen
2nd place William Duong
1st place Sina Alzallahi
2nd place Laura Huang