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H.T.T.A. Spring Round Robin Saturday, May 20-th, 2017

Khoa Le  | Published on Monday, March 20, 2017
H.T.T.A. Spring Round Robin 
H.T.T.A., 7603 Boone Rd., Houston, TX 77072
Saturday, May 20-th, 2017
Tournament Staff:  Victor Subonj and Carlos Almirol ( or call (713) 444-7457.
Rules and Equipment:  All USATT rules will govern play, including USATT dress code and use of only USATT-approved equipment.  Soft sole sport shoes are required. The tournament will be played on 10 Tibhar tables on new synthetic rubber floor and we will use NEW ITTA APPROVED Xsuxafa 3 STAR PLASTIC balls.

A. OPEN SINGLES DOUBLE ROUND ROBIN. First faze: Giant round-robin format is based on 6-8 preliminary groups of 6 players.  All players from the preliminary groups will advance into one of 4 divisions (A thru D), each of which will be split into two more round-robin groups of 5 players. Second Faze R.R.: The top two finishers in all groups will advance in A group, 3rd and 4th in B group and 4th and 5th in C group and the rest of the players will play in D. Third faze elimination: First two players from each division will play in elimination round for the division finals. Tournament is limited to the first 50 paid entries. Entry fee is $40.00 for adults, $30.00 for juniors (under 18 years of age as of tournament date).

B. DOUBLES U-4500 COMBINED RATING. Preliminary Round Robin will be based on 6 groups of 4-5 doubles teams. This event is limited to 24 doubles teams. The second part of the doubles event will be elimination format. Entry fee is $20.00/player ($40.00/team). If the player play enters Singles Round Robin the fee is $10.00/player.
All matches throughout the tournament will be best 3-of-5 games. Deadline to enter the tournament is Wednesday, May 17th, 2017. Lunch is included for all participants.   
Division A 1st place $200
Division A 2nd place $150
Division A 3rd place $100
Division B thru. E 1st and 2nd places Certificate of award
Doubles U-4500 1st place $50
Doubles U-4500 2nd place Certificate of award
8:15 AM Facility opens for warm-up
9:00 AM Preliminary round-robins begin
11:30 AM Preliminary Doubles round –robin begins (U4500).
12:30 PM Lunch Break
1:00 PM Doubles Elimination begins
3:00 PM Divisional round-robins begin
5:00 PM Divisional semifinals and finals begin
6:30 PM Estimated ending time

Make checks payable to: HTTA.  Mail to: 7603 Boone Rd., Houston, TX 77072

HTTA Spring Round Robin   (Saturday, May 20th, 2017)

Name ___________________________   Address ____________________________________
USTT Rating:_________________ Phone: _______________  Email: __________________
 Date of Birth: ___________
Check one or two events to enter:    
A. Singles Open Round Robin________  B. Doubles U-4500 Round Robin____________                       
 Doubles Partner:_____________________________________ Combined Rating:________________